Last week, we focused our efforts on major Expose UI improvements and  minor updates to Reputation Kahuna, Social Covers and Ad Kahuna.

Here are the latest highlights:

Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We have improved the ability to edit the Abandon emails on Sign In Campaigns set up. To learn more about Sign In Campaigns, click HERE.
  2. We improved the reports to make sure the date that has been set up initially for generating the report stays unchanged to avoid resetting the schedules and sending the false alerts to the customers.
  3. We have improved the way the reviews get displayed on widgets streaming reviews to websites. Now, by default, reviews show 125 characters plus the necessary amount to accommodate for the words not getting cut off. Learn More About Broadcasting reviews to Websites HERE
  4. Social connections to Youtube, Flickr and Pinterest were improved to allow for seamless connection to the customer accounts. Learn More about Best Way to Connect Social accounts to Rep Kahuna HERE
  5. We improved the Sign in forms settings allowing the addition and removal of custom fields to get updated easier. 
  6. Optimized the Gallery in Ad Kahuna to improve the load speeds

Social Covers:

  1. We updated the Save and Preview functions.Their functionality is improved.
  2. We have introduced a new way of setting up the White Label Domains. Now you are able to get multiple domains set up on your account under Settings and use a separate domain for each Landing Page you set up. To learn how to manage multiple domains, click HERE.


  1. The Latest Ads dashboard in Ad Kahuna was updated to allow for the previews to display correctly on every page of the Latest Ads List.

Local Analyzer


  1. Optimized redirects for the  Local Analyzer Reports  for the cases when the form opt-in is replaced with the website link