We focused on Reputation Kahuna, introducing greater customization of the Feedback Page Setup Wizard and improved overall functionality. We worked on minor improvements to Ad Kahuna and RepVideos.


Review the highlights below!


Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We updated the Directory Page Setup, which allows for greater customization. To learn more about setting up your Directory, click here.
  2. We improved the Feedback Page’s second step’s header on mobile devices.
  3. We updated step three, Reviews, of the Feedback Page Setup Wizard, to allow you to have an Explanation Video, Explanation Text, or both. You can customize your Explantation Video and Text. Click here to learn more about the new Feedback Page Editor.
  4. We increased the functionality of the Google Instruction Wizard, Feedback Page Setup Wizard, SMS tutorial, Feedback Pages, and the Email Section of the Feedback CRM.


Ad Kahuna:

  1. We improved the functionality of White Label Domains.



  1. We released the RepVideos Facebook Social Cover feature to all users. Click here to learn about RepVideos Social Cover.