We focused on Rep Videos, introducing the Rep Video Facebook Social Cover. Instead of an image, you can use a video for your Facebook Social Cover. Rep Videos makes it easy to design and produce the perfect video for your Facebook Social Cover quickly.

We also worked on minor improvements to Expose Videos, and Social Covers.

Local Analyzer: 

1. We have introduced Limited Spots feature for Local Analyzer to allow you to maximize the conversions with Scarcity Strategy. Learn More HERE

Rep Videos:

  1. We introduced the features of creating a Rep Video just for your video Facebook Social Cover and converting an existing Rep Video into a video Facebook Social Cover. Facebook recently released a feature that allows company pages to have video Social Covers. Currently, you must download and manually upload your Rep Video Facebook Social Covers to Facebook. If you cannot change your company's Facebook Social Cover to a Rep Video, click here to learn about a hack. To learn more about creating a Rep Video to serve as your Facebook Social Cover, click here.
  2. We introduced the feature to reschedule emails to your leads in your LeadGen Videos. 
  3. We changed the Expose Videos icon within the Rep Videos header to reflect our recent improvement on it.

Expose Videos:

  1. We improved the logo and icon for Expose Videos.
  2. We improved the user interface to streamline user experiences.
  3. We improved the Settings page to streamline user experiences.
  4. We improved the workflow of LeadGen Campaigns Wizard to streamline user experiences. To learn more about LeadGen Campaigns, click here.

Social Covers:

  1. We improved the White Label Domains feature. You can now choose your preferred default domain.