We are excited to announce that we’ve completed a new release for Local Analyzer. This week we’ve focused on improvements that help you as an administrator, as well as help your end customers.

Below is a summary of key improvements released THIS WEEK:

Zapier App:
You will find a Zapier Integration API Key on your Settings > Integrations screens. You will be able to use this to set up integrations to Active Campaigns and other apps using Zapier.  

To go to the Zapier app, click here:  https://zapier.com/developer/invite/41318/a1cc18348c5648b5261e449429d76c23/

Landing Page Analytics:

You can now see, if you view your Landing Page Analytics, a column for Scan Source - meaning that you can differentiate among those individual visitors who landed on a page via an Agency Scan.  

UK Spokesmodel Videos for Scans of Businesses Within the UK:

We now have people speaking with a UK accent for those reports generated for businesses within the UK across the entire Local Analyzer platform in customer-facing pages.

Master Class #3: Advanced Marketing
We also had another AMAZING Master Class for Local Analyzer users last Thursday.  This class covered:

  1. Facebook ads that convert
  2. Landing pages split testing
  3. Driving traffic with email
  4. What to Say to a Lead
  5. How the Report Scoring Works

If you missed this Master Class, make sure you go watch the replay: