We focused on Lead Kahuna, making the Instagram, Deal Sites, and YouTube groups’ information visible. We made a minor update to Prospect Rocket.


Review the highlights below!


Prospect Rocket:

  1. We changed Prospect Rocket’s URL to my.prospectrocket.com.


Lead Kahuna:

  1. We added validation to the Keyword field within the eCommerce block.
  2. We made sure that the Deal Sites group’s information is visible within the Yellow Pages block.
  3. We increased the accuracy of the number of Facebook followers.
  4. We ensured that the Instagram group’s information is visible within the Web Leads block.
  5. We made sure that you can stop the process of printing mailers to PDFs.
  6. We fixed a PHP error that occurred when a hyperlink inside email campaigns was clicked under certain conditions. Click here to learn how to create an email campaign or broadcast.
  7. We made sure that the YouTube group’s information of the 3DCart tab is visible.
  8. We improved the connection between Lead Kahuna and NeverBounce.