Last week we have primarily focused on improvements to Rep Kahuna, Ad Kahuna and Rep Ads.

Here are the highlights of the latest updates:

Rep Kahuna:

Feedback Pages Layout Options: We improved the Review Button Customizations, allowing to add any text to the button and customize it to the user preference

Rating page on Android: We have adjusted the rating page to adapt better to various android devices of different sizes

Google Plus Connect: We improved Google Plus social connect feature to allow for the customized urls to be connected as easily as the default ones.

Override the Header on Feedback pages: We added ability to enter Hex Color number for the header background selection to allow for more freedom in color customizations of Feedback Pages  Learn More about new Feedback Pages

Rep Ads:

My Templates for RK users: We added the ability for the Rep Ads created in Rep Kahuna to be saved as a template in rep ads system to simplify the workflow and easily reuse the best looking custom designs Learn More about Rep Ads 

Rep Ads Image Cropper: We improved the image cropper for larger sizes of rep ads banners so  the prefered image crop can be saved easier now

Ad Kahuna

Banner Templates: We adjusted the way the customized templated banners show on the thumbnail and when being edited, making sure that the custom template doesn’t default to the original image Learn More about Ad Kahuna Banner Templates 

Individual Banner Size: When selecting the individual banner size to update from a banner set the design is automatically selected now and is ready for update and editing

Social Covers

Integration with Infusionsoft: We added the ability to see the current campaigns in infusionsoft upon integration

LinkedIn Cover Size update: LinkedIn rolled out a new size for the cover last week and we made sure the Social Covers system is up to speed with the changes that came from LinkedIn. Now the LinkedIn Cover size is 1536x768. Learn More About Social Covers