We focused on Lead Kahuna, verifying that PPC AdWords budgets column is visible. We made minor improvements to Rep Kahuna, Traffic Fuel, and Social Covers.


Review the highlights below!


Lead Kahuna:

  1. We verified that the Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords budgets column is visible. Click here to learn why you should use PPC Leads.
  2. We ensured that the results’ language is always in English, regardless of your location.       


Rep Kahuna

  1. We added the ability to view all the contacts without pagination
  2. We improved the posting schedules on social marketing tab


Traffic Fuel:

  1. We gave you the option of allowing us to automatically retarget your page in your Traffic Fuel merchant or using your own tracking or retargeting pixel. Click here to learn how to send a retargeting pixel to your webmaster.


Social Covers:


  1. We improved the connection of Social Covers to Google+ and enabled Google+ cover automation Learn how to ensure Google Plus connection to Social Covers.