We focused on Reputation Kahuna increasing the functionality of the Smart App and the Directory Page Setup. We worked on minor improvements to Rep Videos and Expose Videos.

Review the highlights below!


Rep Videos:

  1. We updated the User Interface in RepVideos and LeadGen Videos to streamline user experiences and provide quick insights into analytics.
  2. A credits invoice tab was implemented in the user Account section, to improve visibility into how credits were used.


Expose Videos:

  1. We updated the User Interface to include a Sales tab on the subheader, which includes all of the sales resources and scripts.
  2. We also added a Video Credits tab, showing how Expose credits were used, within the Account section.


Reputation Kahuna:

  1. We increased the Smart App’s functionality on mobile devices.  Click here to learn about the Smart App Strategy for new Feedback Pages.
  2. We updated the Directory Page Setup to improve functionality.