We have focused on minor improvements and updates to Rep Kahuna, Rep Videos and Social Covers last week. 

Here are the major highlights! 

All Products:

We have updated the “Error Messages” for all the products

Ad Kahuna

  1. Improved the color selection for background on specific templates in Ad Kahuna

Rep Kahuna

  1. Improved the image generation for the reviews scheduled to be posted to social media

Social Covers:

  1. Improved the way Google + is connected to Social Covers.  Learn More HERE 
  2. Added an option to remove social account from the list if the account no longer exists
  3. Updated the layout of the Benefit Block on the Landing Pages
  4. Updated the way the social covers are updated on social media that has been connected after the automation set up

Rep Videos:

  1. Minor updates to the Buyer Inbox tab