Your Dashboard contains all the necessary tools that you need in AdViddy. In here, both your All Time and Account Widgets are displayed. Aside from the widgets mentioned, this is where you can add a new business in the system and create a new AdViddy video. Your Account settings can also be found here whenever you want to set up your Profile, Branding, and Notifications.

Next, your dashboard displays both your All Time and Account Widgets. In the All Time widget, you will see the total businesses you have added to AdViddy. In addition to this, you are also able to see the total videos you have created. Another widget that you is included on your dashboard is the Account widget. This widget tells you the total credits you have already used and displays how many available credits you still have for the current month.

With all these useful widgets, your dashboard is the section that you want to go if you need to add another new business or you want to create a new video. Once you are done adding a new business and created a video for them, you can click  Businesses on your left navigation panel and find the merchant that you are working with. Each merchant name is clickable and will redirect you to the full details of that merchant.

Now if you want to see all the latest videos you have created for a particular merchant, click the Latest Videos on your left navigation panel. This section lets you manage your videos, see the full details of each, and lets you generate a Draft or Final Link to your video.

Lastly, whenever you want to set up your account, hover your mouse on Account settings found in the upper right corner of your dashboard.