Check out your bonuses! 

Being a Prospect Rocket member, you get exclusive access to some powerful bonuses. Check below for your bonus content and resources!

Unlimited Offer Pops, Optin Forms, Click To Call Campaigns - Using out Popup, Option Form, and Click to Call campaigns you have both a simple way to capture leads for your own marketing as well as a simple offer you can use with leads. 

Use these tools to capture leads you can market in other areas of Prospect Rocket!

>>>See How To Create Lead Capture Campaign

10 DFY “White Label Lead Capture Industry Guides” - The beautiful industry guides can be used as a give away behind the lead capture forms you give to clients. Used in combination with the Offer Pop ups and Optin forms, you have a complete lead magnet or trust trigger offer for leads in 10 different industries. Your guides work for: 



-Auto Repair







-Laser Eye Surgery

>>>See How To Access And Personalize the Industry Guides

Unlimited Online Booking Platform - Using our booking platform “Agenda Rocket” you can deploy a self booking strategy that you can use in your emails and on your website! Simple create a calendar of your availability using agenda rocket, then include the link in your emails and on your website to allow leads to book a time on your calendar! 

Use this as another call to action in your emails and on pages to let leads connect with you! 

>>>See How To Create An Agenda Rocket Calendar

6 Month Email Campaigns - Using our DFY campaign templates, you have complete 6 month email sequences for use by Dentists and Spas. You can use these complete email campaigns to quickly create a full marketing schedule for your clients. 

Use these email campaigns as a Lead Magnet or Trust Trigger offer for leads in these industries!

To Get Started, Simply Go To The “Automation” tab in Prospect Rocket and hit “Create New” campaign. From there, you can create from a template! Click the drop down to see the available templates.

Instant Agency Automation Package - The Instant Agency Package gives you everything you need to get started marketing today. We have pre-loaded all your email sequences and scripts into your Prospect Rocket account. You will see them when you create an email sequence or view your scripts in a contact record.