This article demonstrates the difference between a Funnel Template and a Page in Funnel Pages.

 When creating a new Funnels, there are two options of where to start: Start from a Template or Start from Scratch.

Funnel Template

A Funnel Template gives you the ability to use our Done For You Templates, which are ready for you to use from start to finish. An example of a Done For You Template would include an Optin Funnel with an Optin Page and a Thank You Page complete with Content, Buttons, Images, and everything that you need to build a funnel.  

 Please be sure to replace any Tags (Example: [Company Name]) with your correct information.  You also need to set up your Buttons and change out any placeholder text (Example: Lorem Ipsum…).



Pages are a single instance of an Optin Page, Sales Page, Upsell Page, Downsell Page, Thank You Page or an Order Page.  If you are building from Scratch, these individual pages are what you can use to to build your Funnel.