The following screenshot shows an example merchant from a Contact Record. Contact Records have multiple sections that allow you to easily monitor the information and activities of your merchants. Contact Records enable you to easily and quickly contact a merchant. You can also create a Widget in the Contact Records page. 

Click here to learn how to create a Widget.

To further explain each section, please refer below:

Business Information                                    

Located at the top of this page, this section allows you to edit or update a merchant’s basic information. 

To edit the details in this section, click the Edit icon.

When you are done editing a merchant’s information, click Save.

Next Steps

This section allows you to maximize the full potential of Ad Kahuna. When you have finished a step, that step will not be visible the next time that you go to this section. For example, if you already sent an email to a contact, the Send Email link will not be visible.

Activities Tab

This tab displays all the activities that you have made with a merchant.

Ad Groups Tab

The Ad Groups tab displays all the banners that you have created for this merchant. Here, you have full control over all your Banners. This means that you can send a draft or final preview of your Banner Groups. You can also download, duplicate, or delete each Banner in this area.

This tab displays all the Banner Widgets you have created for this merchant. This section displays the total Views, Clicks, and Conversion Percentage of each of the Banner Widgets. Go to this tab to create or delete a new Banner Widget.

To quickly copy a widget’s code, click the Widget Code icon.

Email Tab

This next tab displays all the emails you have sent for this merchant. In this tab, you can trace the date that you sent an email, if your email was viewed, and if the recipient clicked the link inside of your email.

Site Gallery Tab

The images from your Site gallery come from the business’s website that you have set up using the Add Business Wizard. The Add Business Wizard retrieves the Banner Ads from a website and saves them to your Site Gallery. 

You can view and delete images from your Site Gallery but cannot download images from your Site Gallery to your local computer.

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