I'm not interested in your Beta program, I don't think we are going to get a lot of exposure for the $297. 




Thanks for the follow up.

I understand how you feel if you want more exposure. Some of our clients felt they wanted "a lot more exposure" after they got an Expert Interview video as well.

That's because they found their social media and website don't get a lot of traffic, so they want more exposure than just their social media.

So I couldn't agree with you more, but first I want to make sure you understand that our Beta is giving you a $2500 video production at no cost. Forget about the syndication if you don't think that the exposure is going to be good enough because I just want to make sure that we are underwriting all the costs for the:



Filming, Editing, Makeup Artists

Graphic and animation.. we cover everything.

So again, by removing yourself from our Beta program you forfeit your spot to another [Niche] in [City] that we will work with.

So here's my solution.

Instead of our syndication of your video to your social media, we can give you a Market Leader Digital Ad Package.

The package includes 23 different ads that promote your 5 Star reputation and your interview. So that's over $1000 of ad creation.

It also costs $495 ad spend that would get your expert interview ads in front of 5000 - 10,000 views in your local zip codes over the next month.

So we normally sell that ad package for $1,495. But for those that are in our BETA program, we give it to you at ONLY $297.

So to make sure you understand if you wanted to get in front of 5000 to 10000 views locally with you featured at the expert we can do that for a 1x cost of only $297.

This 100% solves the problem of wanting to get more exposure.

I'm sure you realize that basically just covers on our end, so that is 1x special offer for our BETA users only.

So to recap:

1. Expert Interview With Spokesmodel: No Costs

2. 3 Ads Promoting Your Interview + 5k - 10k In Views: $297

So that's almost $4000 in marketing for $297, and all we are looking for in return is your feedback on the process.

Sound Good? Call me today and let me know either way if you'd like to give your spot up or switch out your social media syndication for the Market Leader Digital Ad Package.

If they are still hesitant and you want to 100% clinch the deal... you say >>>>

I understand you want exposure, I want you to get a lot of exposure too, that's why we are RUNNING this BETA. To help businesses just like yours. Nobody is making a lot of money by producing videos at $297 cost.

So here's what I'll do, if you really want, I'll cover the costs of the syndication to your social media as well. So just to help you out, if you want our Market Leader Package to get you in front of 5000 - 10000 views, I'll cover the costs of syndication too.

So it's $2500 in video production, $1000 in ad creation, $500 in traffic views, $697 in social media syndication. In total of... let me see here...

$4697.00 for $297.

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