We are excited to share our new Feedback Page Builder that you will surely love! The Page Builder is included in our Rep Kahuna 5.0 major updates. We are here to give you a tour of this all-new Feedback Page Builder. 

We will also walk you through the different elements that you can use to create your custom made Feedback Page.


Part 1: Collecting Reviewers Information

This section is the first set of elements where you can set up how your page collects information from persons to whom you will be sending your Feedback Page.

If you want to change the default title of each field, click the edit icon of this element.

This next section lets you select which fields you want to be filled out by each person. Select the necessary field that you want to appear on your Feedback Page. 

Toggling this to ON creates an option on the Feedback Page that lets the reviewer click it if they want to be contacted once they submit the review.

The Review Title element lets you change the title of review if you want to replace the default header.

Click on the Review Placeholder element if you want to change it from the default.

Part 2: Advanced Settings

The Auto Responder is a powerful function in the builder that lets you add an autoresponder to your Feedback Page. You can add autoresponders such as Prospect Rocket, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, iContact, GetResponse, SendPepper, and Sendreach.

If you want to enable this on your page, select the autoresponder account available and login to your account.

If you want to add or remove the header on your page, toggle the Header element to ON/OFF.

Enabling the Header Override will let you fully customize your header. Overriding means you can do the following header settings:

The Promotional Box is optional if you want it included on your Page. Toggle it OFF to disable it. This field will be displayed right above the "Leave Us A Review" section. Click the edit icon and start adding a banner, video, or image.

Add a Review Box if you want it to be included in your Feedback Page. If you do not want it displayed, toggle it OFF.

If you want added security for your page, you can include the Captcha element.

Change your Disclaimer and Terms of Service by editing these elements.

For more review layout styles, you can either select a Bubble layout or a Box layout.

Part 3: Mobile Page Setup

Your Mobile Page set up is straightforward. You can change the Rating Question and select which Rating Type you want to display on your page. Select the type you wish to use for all persons that will be leaving a review via mobile. 

Examine your Mobile Set Up carefully, and if you are happy with the preview results, click Next.

Part 4: Setting Up Reviews

When you already reached this section, it means that you are almost done setting up your Feedback Page. To make sure that everything is neat and tidy, we have included a preview option for both desktop and mobile. This element will let you preview your actual Feedback Page from a desktop or mobile perspective.

Now, if you want to change your Feedback Video, click the edit icon to start changing your video. You can use our existing videos or link your videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Part 5: Grabbing the iFrame Code

Setting up your reviews is the last step of the wizard where you can test the final Feedback that you will be sending to your clients or customers.

To grab the code of your Feedback Page, click the iframe Code button. Now paste the code to your website, and from that link, your customers can leave a review.

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