The Company Dashboard displays all the information that you need to know about a merchant. In this dashboard, you are able to see all the videos that were produced, the images that were ripped from the merchant’s website and their basic information. This area also lets you quickly create a new video for the merchant that you are currently working with and manage them as well.

Company Dashboard: Videos Tab

The Videos tab displays all the videos that you have produced for this merchant. Each video is listed here with their corresponding details, video thumbnail, and the different actions that you can apply to each.

Exporting Videos to .CSV file

To export videos to .CSV, follow these steps:

  1. Select a video that you want to export.
  2. Click actions and select ‘Export’.
    🛈 Select the ‘Delete’ option if you want to remove a video(s) from your Videos list.
  3. The .CSV file will be downloaded locally in your computer. This file contains the name of your video, when it was made, and URL link of the video.


Video Actions

Here are your three video actions:

  1. Draft Link - Click the Draft Link icon () to see the draft of your video. You can send the URL link of this page to your merchants and let then know that you have already created the a draft video for them.


  1. Final Link - Click the Final Link icon () to see your final video. You will notice that you can already download the video locally to your computer.


  1. Delete - If you want to remove a video on your list, click the Delete icon ().


Filtering Videos

The Filtering Tool lets you quickly search a video that you are looking for. This works by typing the details that you want in the search box. Click ‘Filter’ to see the results of your filter.

Company Dashboard: Site Gallery Tab

This next tab is your Site Gallery. It displays all ripped images from the website that you have set from the Business Setup wizard.


🛈 Hover your mouse on the thumbnail and point it towards the view icon () to see a quick preview of the image. If you want to delete it, click the trash icon ().

Company Dashboard: Setup Tab

The last tab in the Company Dashboard is the Setup Tab. This tab contains the information about the merchant and you can edit these details at any time that you need to. Just remember to always click the ‘Save’ button to apply all the changes you have made.

Other Useful Tools



  1. Add a note
  2. Send an email
  3. Create a new video
  4. Edit a contact
  5. Delete a contact