In this article you will find the voice script for following up with the prospect when making a sale. 

Making 1x Sales Script (Trust Trigger Offer Call)


Hi [POC First Name] how are you?

Great! I’ve got something really special for you.  Are you in front of your computer?


Can you get in front of a computer for a few minutes?


When’s a good time I can call you back where you will be in front of your computer for 10 minutes?


Great. Remember the last time we spoke I mentioned the 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.   So essentially posting to your social media regularly and consistently can be an effective tool to increase brand engagement and win new customers.

So, I’m curious… we have a "NEW BETA" program that ONLY a few companies have gotten access to.  

If there was a way to get more Social Content done that allowed you to engage and convert more customers, would you be interested in that? TIE DOWN: Write Down What They Say... "YES"!

Ok, let me bring up the SOCIAL CONTENT we did for you and talk about it for a moment.


OPTION 1) Do A Screenshare and Show them the Content Package: Instruct Them to Zoom,, GoToWebinar Etc.

OPTION 2) You email them their User Access to Approval module (Learn more about Approval Module

The Social Media Content Package we created follows the simple recipe of success. 

Our goal was to create a package that kept your brand in front of your potential customers, engage them

and we think that this will be a really good one for you.

Sounds Good?

[If They Object to Any Part Of The Design]

Ok, I’ll note that for our team.

So, let me explain the way we worked on each Social Media package. We have a lot of steps we go through to make sure every package has the best chance of converting.

That starts in our Concept & design department:
1. Choosing the right image to capture the viewer's attention

2. Then choosing the right words to get the viewer to take action

There’s a lot that goes into our content packages.

Sometimes there can be 7-10 different concepts before we come up with the final one.

We greatly focus on the variety of topics like Recreational, Educational, Conversational, and Inspirational topics. We go through rounds of extensive research, graphic design, curation process to come up with one 30 day package. [Show the recipe and types of content] 

Can you see why most Agencies Charge $300-500 just for a content package?       [TIE DOWN "YES]



Most marketers don’t realize today that social media today is 10x more effective in gaining new customers than it was even 12 months ago:

- 79% of Internet users use Facebook

- 50% of the active Twitter users follow local businesses and brands to learn about new products, offers, and new insights.

- 1 billion searches per day on Linked In

- 53% of users follow their favorite brands and businesses on Instagram, so they don’t mind being marketed to.

Now that’s just a few stats that show how powerful social media can be for businesses and each social media site has a different size and layout for their cover photo.

I’m curious, what do you think most Agencies charge to create a monthly Social Media Package? [Wait for The Answer]


Well if you did know what do you think they would charge?

Typically, it’s a $300 - $400 to research the content. So, in total for content research, curation and branding service some Agencies charge $600 - $900 to create a businesses' social media content package.

Now our team created a preview of how your social media content would look on your business pages. 

But our team took the time and the preview of the Social Media Posts  for you for your major social media sites


That means we created content that is ready to be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Youtube and others. 

There's a 2nd reason why [we / our team] did the preview for you....




It’s because after researching your business on social media sites what we found that your audience [honestly] wasn't’ that engaged :)

Question.  Which Social media site do you think is the most important for your business and your customers and prospects use?  [Wait for The Answer]


The answer is ALL OF THEM :).

So, that's why our team took the liberty to create the previews for all the posts so you could see what they would look like ONCE POSTED TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS PAGE.

[ Here’s Where You Make Your Trust Trigger Offer ]

So, remember when I asked you about getting more Social content packages at little to no cost?

Well, we have a "BETA program" right now, to try and help companies keep their cost really low and make them look like the market leader almost overnight.


Would you be interested in having 30 days complete content for social media business pages for all your social media done FREE?


So we would normally charge $595 to create a content package for your social media. But our "Beta program" gives you 30 days of content and we'll post it to ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS… which is over $1200.


That means you can 


- Entertain your audience with  Funny and Entertaining content, Jokes, Memes, Holidays, Throwbacks




- Educate your audience providing valuable tips, tricks, infographics, how-tos and diy advise! 




- Engages followers with Conversational content: questions, polls, trivial, this or that, games, etc 




- Inspire your followers with Inspirational Content like inspirational quotes, images, motivational stories 


PLUS ... our development team will install them for you…. and if there’s a social media site you don't’ have, we will even create the site for you.




On top of that, we will create CUSTOM social media POSTS with Promotional and Entrepreneurial Content! On top of that, we will BRAND each image with your logo to increase brand awareness and recognition! 


So,  we will create Offer posts, Review and Testimonial Posts, Events, and Demos posts, Posts about your Mission, Values, Vision, Your Business Services highlights, your employee highlights - all with the image that has your logo, so that you’ve got a post that promotes your business. 


So, that's 30-day social media package, plus doing all the work to install the content, add branding to each post, add CUSTOM Promotional and Entrepreneurial content and share social media posts for ALL your social media networks. Which is over $1500 in services.

But we have a few requirements:

1) We are looking for feedback on your experience with the Beta program and how effective you think covers were in helping your business. If we did 2 Social Media Cover Sets at little to no cost would you mind giving us your feedback on your experience?  [TIE DOWN "YES]

2) We are really trying to perfect our design standards and delivery times.  So to help us do that we would like to get more businesses to take advantage of our 30 DAY FREE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT promotion. Could you refer 3 other businesses that would like to get a Social Media Content for their  FACEBOOK or other Social Media for their business?

3) Lastly, we ONLY WANT TO WORK with companies that are focused on marketing and see the value in branding their business.  There's a lot of scheduling to do between our departments to get this all done.

So, all we ask to be a part of the Social Media Makeover BETA PROGRAM.... is for you to just help cover OUR SCHEDULING COST which is only $299.

Again, we would normally charge $500 for just 30 social media posts. 

But this Beta will give you the opportunity

1) Get 30 days of social media posts installed on all your major social media sites, including creating listings if you need them

2) Setting up the posts on your social media 

3) Creating custom Promotional and Entrepreneurial Content for you 

4) Branding your posts to increase brand awareness. 

Sounds Good?

[Qualifying Takeaway... Use If They Object to The Money]

Honestly, it's not about the money. We didn’t want to give all this work to a company that either couldn’t afford $300 or didn’t see the value in it branding their business.   This Beta was created for businesses that see the value in marketing but might not have that $500 budget in place to start engaging and converting customers.

[No, I’m not interested]

1) I understand.  Since we are doing a 1x beta and giving $500 of  Social Media Content for only $299 what specifically aren’t you interested in? Is it too expensive for you?

2) Let me ask you, did you think it was helpful that we did all the content and previews for you to see what they are like and the how the content would look on different online marketing networks?  [GET A YES]

3) Well, maybe I can help with that.  If you just would like the 30 posts that we did for you. I can have my team give you all of them if you cover just part of the cost of $99

[I Just Wanted the Free Content]

1) I understand I can have my team download the CSV file for you and get it sent to you later today.  

[Yes, That Sounds Good]

Great, we thought it would be something that could really help your business. So, here’s how the BETA Works.


We have deadlines we have to meet on our end to get the custom content written

1) Our team can email you an idea outline that will give you some perspective on what other types of Social media content would be effective for you.

2) Then in the next few days, we can connect for a “Social Media Content Concept Meeting” in an online meeting so you’ll be able to see my screen and we can gather all the information we need for the different custom content you want to create.

Examples would be: where to find any photos from your website, proper branding colors, get your logo, information about special offers, special events,  Etc. We can also get access to your social sites so we can update them for you.

3) During that meeting, we can spend about 10 minutes giving you some strategies on the best leverage of Social Media to get more brand recognition and to get more customers.

Sounds Good?

What time on ______________ do you have available for an Interview on [48 Hours Later]

#2) Social Media Content Package Approval Call Scheduled

So, the last thing is Technical Sign Off. After our team is finished with the Custom content creation, we will go over the content together and get your approval on them.  

If we need to make any adjustments, we are happy to do that then. It takes about 2-3 full days to get that work done.

What time on [2 Days After Concept Meeting] do you have available for that call?

Ok I’ve got you scheduled for:

____________ at ____________   for our Cover Concept meeting and

____________ at _____________ For Content Approval Meeting

I’m excited we got a chance to talk. Your business seems like a great fit for what we are looking for as part of our Beta program.

I’ll send you an email with some notes from our conversation, what’s the best email for you? And a direct number?


I can get your credit card over the phone right now for the $299

[OPTIONAL] or you can go to our website and pay it there right now if you would like.

[Optional Pay On Website Instructions]

1) Can you go to []

You’ll see the scheduling page. Can you just fill in your Name, Company Name, phone, and email and that will help our team get started on setting up the research effort, graphics and writing?

Great, just let me know when you’re done.

2) Next click “Next Step” so here’s where you cover the $399 Scheduling FEE.

Once you complete this, I’ll have everything set up on our end.

What questions do you have?

3) Great, I look forward to working with you, and if you have any questions, I’ll send my contact information in my follow up email for you.

Great, we will talk on ____________ for the Social Media Concept meeting.


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