Mail Lead is an additional touch point that you can use by sending physical mail to your Leads. This prints your information. You can put the print-out in an envelope and send it through mail with your information. You can also send the print-out to your local mailing services and let them send the mail for you.  

🛈 The Mail Leads feature creates PDFs of your message in a one shot format, which you can print. This is the same thing as the email message. However, rather than emailing your Leads, you are creating PDF files.

Complete the following steps to use the Mail Lead feature and print a copy of your mail into a PDF file: 

  1. From the Main Dashboard, click Mail Leads.
  2. Click the Click to Import Spreadsheet button.
  3. Select a CSV file and click Import.
  4. Write your message. Customize your message by using tokens.
  5. Use the Select Template drop-down menu to change your mail template.
  6. Select your file name from the drop-down menu.

    💡 View your files names by looking at the file name box.
  7. Click Preview to preview your file.
  8. Make any needed changes.
  9. Click Print to PDF.