In this article, we will cover a map feature for scanned reports in Local Analyzer. Once you create a new landing page or enable it on an old one, the Lead will see the generated report for their business with the Maps Ranking Section.

You can also pull the report via your Landing Page to review the Maps Ranking Section yourself. You can see this feature under the "Why Aren't You #1 In Your Market" section.

The idea is we take the Category and City of the Scanned Report of the business you scanned. We search for that in maps then bring back the top one and two spots with their reviews, how many reviews they are getting, their address, and phone number. Once that data is pulled, we give you Google's Ranking first and second place, based on the information that we received.

Note: The Ranking section is not displayed if the business is ranking #1 in its category. 

Besides displaying the top-ranking competitors in the market, the Maps Ranking section explains why you are not number 1 in your market.

In this article, we will go through each part of the Scanned Report and know why you are not ranking number 1 in Google and what you need to do to outrank your immediate competition.

The top part of the report will specify the keyword for which the report was generated, which, in this example, is the car dealer in Jacksonville. The report will also show you your immediate competition and who is in first and second place. Keep in mind that it is not enough to know the competition in the area. You need to know how to beat them and what to do to become better.

Learning Why You Are Not Ranking Number 1 In Google

Scroll your report down to see this section that will explain why you are not ranking number 1 in Google. Ex:

As you can see, the business that we pulled the information for only has twelve (12) citations, which is not enough to beat the competition. You can also see that Google has many reviews, but the other four major listings, like Facebook, Bing, Yelp, etc., do not have any reviews, and five (5) listings are not accurate. We will also tell you if your website is optimized well or not.

When the user is ready to fix their issues, they click Learn More About These Issues and send their information to get help and improve their ranking.

Detailed Report

To see in detail your report, scroll your page down to see the different sections that explain more about how you got those issues. This comprehensive report gives you an idea of how your business is doing, the visibility and presence online of your business, and, most importantly, how you can improve your rankings to outdo your competition.

Learn how to set up your Maps Ranking section here.