Join us on this 2nd master class for Local Analyzer where David presents specific strategies for fulfillment, including what to say to a lead, what services to sell, citation services, and more…

Master Class #2 with David Sprague


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 Before we begin…



 Summary: Success Stories

Lead Kahuna – Unlimited Leads – 

97% of consumers aged 18 – 34 read online reviews to judge a local business.

 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses!

 Principle: 3 Major Parts Every Business Must Build


  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Conversion
  3. Client Fulfillment


Principle: The Dream


  1. Lead Generation = Lead Kahuna
  2. Lead Conversion = Local Analyzer
  3. Client Fulfillment = RepKahuna


Summary: Powerful Conversion Strategy – L.O.T Strategy


L – Lead Magnet

O – Opportunity Optin

T – Trust Trigger


Quick Review: L.O.T Strategy – Lead Magnet Report


Quick Review: L.O.T Strategy – Opportunity Optin




 Quick ReviewL.O.T Strategy – Trust Trigger Product


4 Different called actions                                                      

  1. Fix Listing
  2. Create Listing
  3. Get Reviews
  4. Contact Us


Dozens of services you can sell in 1 call.


3 Levels Citation Services



Principle: What to say to a Lead?


  1. Did you review your report?


  1. What surprised you?


  1. You can solve that with…
  2. Monitoring
  3. Our Beta
  4. Citation Service


Summary: Quick Start to Get Customers


  1. Send to companies you use
  2. Send to strategic partners
  3. Email your page to businesses
  4. Post your page in social media


Review: Split Testing 101


Rep Kahuna – 30 day trial for free –