Join us as we go through this 1st session of a 4 week series on how to quickly find success with Local Analyzer. You don't want to miss it!

Master Class #1 with David Sprague

97% of consumers aged 18 - 34 read online reviews to judge a local business.

92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses!

 Before we begin…

Principle: 3 Major Parts Every Business Must Build

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Conversion
  3. Client Fulfillment

Principle: The Dream – of having a Business.

  1. Lead Generation = Lead Kahuna
  2. Lead Conversion = Local Analyzer
  3. Client Fulfillment = RepKahuna

 Summary: Powerful Conversion Strategy – L.O.T Strategy

L – Lead Magnet

O – Opportunity Optin

T – Trust Trigger

Summary: L.O.T Strategy – Lead Magnet Report

There is 3 reports:

  1. White Paper
  2. Video
  3. E-books (all kinds of Lead Magnet)

Quick Review: Lead Magnet

 Summary: L.O.T Strategy – Opportunity Optin


 Summary: L.O.T Strategy – Trust Trigger Product

4 Different called actions                                                     

  1. Fix Listing
  2. Create Listing
  3. Get Reviews
  4. Contact Us


These called actions you click on them they open a pop-up, so that they contact you and you follow-up with them with dozens of services you can sell in 1 call.

Principle: Trust Trigger Funnel

  1. Traffic
  1. Scan [Optin]
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Lead Capture

Principle: Case Study Notes

  1. What is the conversion to leads rate?
  2. How are they diving traffic?
  3. What are they doing different than you?
  4. What is the key to getting conversions?

 LIVE Interview

 Summary: Local Analyzer RepReport Email

Link 1: Intro – Curiosity, Proof, Credibility

Link 2: Body – Benefits or Results

Link 3: Close – Scarcity or Social Proof

Link 4: P.S – Scarcity or Social Proof


Email Intro

Email Body

Email Close

Email Strategy P.S.

 Quick Review: Split Test

 Quick Review: Rep Kahuna

 Rep Kahuna – 30 day trial for free


Lead Kahuna – Unlimited Leads –

Q&A Question: Is Rep Kahuna limited to only 15 companies?

Q&A Question: How do you do a PDF report?

Principle: Quick Start to Get Customer

  1. Send to companies you use.
  2. Send to strategic partners.
  3. Emails your page to businesses.
  4. Post your page in social media

Q&A Question: Where can I get exact details for Rep Kahuna?

Q&A Question: What’s the best setting in Lead Kahuna to get the maximum Email?

Q&A Question: Do I need all the options check?

Q&A Question: If I find an error, how do I fix the error?

Q&A Question: What are the companies that need reputation the most?

Q&A Question: What do you think the number 1 product is to sell with the report?

Q&A Question: What do you think the second biggest selling services?

Q&A Question: What is the third biggest selling services?