The Opt-in Wizard Map gives you a complete overview of all the details that your Leads went through. Each Heat Map is color-coded to provide you with an idea of how your Ad took action from customers.


Accessing Lead Wizard Heat Map 

To access your Lead Heat map, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the main dashboard, navigate to Ad Landing Pages.

Step 2. Select an Ad Landing Page that you want to view.

Step 3. Click the Funnel Details tab.

Funnel Controls

This section will highlight the different funnel controls inside the Funnel Details tab.

To view the actual funnel, click View Funnel

If you want to modify your funnel, click Edit Funnel. This action will redirect you to the Banner Editor:

To change your existing funnel type, click the Edit icon:

Choose the funnel type that you want to use and click the Update button:

View the leads that came through desktop or mobile by toggling the desktop or mobile toggles:

Funnel Stats Explained

The clicked button graph displays the total number of persons who clicked on the opt-in page:

The Contact Details graph displays the total number of persons who left their details on the opt-in page:

The Banner Details graph displays the total number of clicks inside the Banner Ad Details section. The Banner Ad Details lets them choose the Branding Color that they want to use and the Cover Type for their banner ad:

The Click Next Graph displays the number of persons who clicked the Next Step button in the Banner Details Wizard Step:

The Choose Design graph lets you see the total number of persons who selected a design layout inside the Choose Design Wizard Step:

The Click Buttons Graph will show you the number of clicks you got from both of your Button 1 and Button 2 (if button 2 is enabled) on your Confirmation Page:

Leads and Anonymous Visitors

The Leads tab displays all the information about the lead that opted in. This tab will show you the company name, contact details, heat map, the actions that the lead took, and other information about where the lead came from:

The Anonymous Visitors tab shows the leads that visited your opt-in page but did not go through all over the wizard steps This tab will display the IP Address of the lead and other information about that prospect:

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