What is Lead Kahuna? 

Lead Kahuna is a powerful tool that helps you achieve business success by helping you find Leads. 

How do I Setup Lead Kahuna? 

To setup Lead Kahuna, complete the following steps: 

  1. From the Dashboard, click Settings

  2. Click the Email tab. 

  3. Set up your email by selecting your email service provider, completing the empty fields, and click Save.
    💡 Click here for a more detailed explanation about how to setup your email within Lead Kahuna.
  4. Verify your email is setup by looking at the Saved Email box. 

  5. Click the Twilio tab. 

  6. Enter or paste your Twilio account SID and authorization token. Click Save.
  7. Select your Twilio phone number from the drop-down menu and click Save
  8. Click the Decaptcha tab. 

  9. Click the check box. Enter your username and password. Click Save
    💡 Using a deathbycapcha account helps your bypass the caption process that some websites uses. 
  10. Click the Template tab. 
    💡 Templates are premade emails and messages that you can send to your Leads. 
  11. Click the Email Verify tab. 
  12. Select your email verify service provider, paste your API key, and click + Add
  13. Click Local Leads.
  14. Enter your keyword, which is your niche. 

  15. Enter a city and state.

  16. Decide if you need to use proxies in this search. 
    💡 Proxies mask your IP address, which can help you find more Leads. 

  17. Click Find Leads

  18. Select a Lead or Leads. Use the Select All checkbox, which is found is the left of company name, to quickly select all your Leads. 
    💡 Use filters to narrow your search. 

  19. Click Save
  20. Click Name File and name your file. 
  21. Click Save.