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  1. How many leads will I get if I search for dentist in Atlanta/
  2. What are the proxies?
  3. What type of offer do I send out?

 Question: How close are you to success?

  1. Do you have a live lead magnet up and running right now?
  2. Are you getting 100 visitors a week to that lead magnet?
  3. Is that lead magnet converting at 20% or more

Local Analyzer

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 Local Analyzer Lead Magnet Funnel

  1. Traffic

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  2. Lead Magnet
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First let’s identify big niches that have a lot of money to spend.


Quote: “A confused mind NEVER buys.”


 Cold Email 16% Open Rate

Subject: I read 4 bad reviews online about you like this one.

Email: I was looking for a dentist in the Miami area and I saw your Mint Dentistry website. I didn’t see any reviews on your site, so I checked you out in Google.

I was surprised to find reviews like this one:

“I had a terrible experience. They were 45 minutes late in taking my appointment and not very personable. I wouldn’t recommend them.”

 Success Stories

  1. Got a verbal yes but the next day they say they have no money. No sale.
  2. Offered reputation marketing sold for 500 set up and 497 month.
  3. Offered reputation marketing w/o rep video to be market leader sold 597 first year and 497 after year one.

 Local Analyzer – Drive Traffic to your RepReport Page with Email

Quick Review: Local Analyzer Lead Magnet Funnel

 Local Analyzer: RepReport Email

4 Parts of single Email

  1. Intro    - Curiosity, Proof, Credibility
  2. Body    - Benefits or Results
  3. Close   - Scarcity or Social Proof
  4. P.S.      - Scarcity or Social Proof


Email Intro

Email Body

Quick Review: Lead Kahuna Template

Quick Review: High Converting Landing Page


High Converting Landing Page

High Converting Landing Page

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