Check out your bonuses! 

Being a Lead Kahuna member, you get exclusive access to some powerful bonuses. Check below for your bonus content and resources!

Unlimited Capture URL “Embed Image” Creator - The “Embed Image” creator lets you create beautiful, personalized images you can insert into your emails! Using the tool make it simple to not only take screenshots of a clients website, facebook page, or similar and place a simple personalized call to action overlay on it. 

Use this tool before you start to send your emails to add an extra flair and personalization point to your messaging!

>>>See How To Create Embed Images

DFY Marketing Templates - Once you have found your leads, the next step is to start marketing them! Use the provided DFY email templates as your starting point for your messaging. 

To get started simply create your email campaign and select the template you want to use in the “Template” drop down! We have pre-loaded all your content directly into Lead Kahuna! 

>>>See How To Create An Email Campaign

Deal Site Module - If you are marketing deal site offers then our Deal Site Module is perfect for you! You can use our groupon search to narrow your search criteria to ONLY companies who have run deals on groupon! We will also give you the information on the last deals they ran so you can pre-qualify them for your services! 

To Get Started, simply select “Groupon Leads” in the “Find Leads” area and begin your search!

Additional Licenses - As a Lead Kahuna member you were granted additional licenses for yourself or your team! To utilize those licenses, simply install Lead Kahuna on the other machines you would like to use and log in as normal! It's that easy!