Welcome to the Lead Generation Dashboard. From this dashboard, you can create Lead Generation campaigns designed at sending out five-day fire-sale email sequences to new prospects and leads.

The LeadGen Campaign Summary is a summary of any lead gen campaigns that you have sent out. From here, you will see how many emails you have sent and opened. You can also see the click rates on those emails that have been opened.

The LeadGen Credits displays the amount of LeadGen Credits that you have left. Each new Lead Gen campaign you create is going to use one of your available credits. Once you run out of your credits, there is no way to add more credits to your account.

The Hottest Leads displays the leads that are engaging the most with your emails and the people whom you should follow up with first.

Next to the name of the company, is an icon that shows how hot those leads are. You can also see the email and phone number of that company.

Clicking on the Eye icon, you can see in detail the information about the company.

You will also see what actions they have taken on the emails that are inside of your campaign.

The next part of your dashboard will show all of the campaigns that you have created so far. Here, you can see the following:

To view the information about the lead, click the View Details button. This will pull up the information about the lead, as well as the activity they have taken on the campaign that you have sent.

If you would like to convert the lead into a contact, you can use the Convert to Contact action to make the lead a full business inside of your Funnel Maps account.

To access the Leads Notifications Settings, click the Settings button.

This will give you the ability to update your phone number, email address, and the notifications options for your lead generation campaigns.

If you want to change the email on your account by going to your Settings.

 All Lead Generation Campaigns are going to be sent from whichever email account that you have set in your FUNNEL MAPS settings menu.

Click the Email Setup and set it up using your email service or use the default Funnel Maps default email to send out those leads generation campaigns.

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