In this article, we will talk about the Automation options for the Landing pages. 

When leads opt-in for your offer through the Landing page, they can be automatically sent to a conversion campaign through an autoresponder of your choice. 

Lead Automation 

Complete the following steps to set up automation for your leads:

Step 1. Click Landing Pages from the main dashboard.

Step 2. Click the Dashboard Page icon of the landing page that you want to set up.

Step 3. Click the Automation tab.

Step 4. Click Add Automation.

Step 5. Type the name of your automation.

Step 6. Click the Sequences button.

Step 7. Select the integration that you want to use and add a sequence.

Step 8. Type in the day(s) on when you are going to run this automation. Leave the days to "0" if you want to start the automation immediately. Click Save to save your current automation.

Note: You can only add and remove 1 Sequence per Automation Trigger.

Step 9. You will now see your new added automation on the list. Click Save to save your automation set up.

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