In this article we will talk about the Landing Page Dashboard. Landing Pages provide another medium through which you can sell your services, which allows you to get more Leads that you turn into Clients. 

Landing Pages offer your Leads free content for their social media networks for the number of days that you choose, which will let them discover the value and quality of your services. 

Landing Page Name

This section is a list of your Landing Pages. You can sort your Landing Pages from A-Z or Z-A. Just click Page Name to sort your Landing Pages. 

Landing Page Analytics 

The Page Analytics provides a quick overview of the analytics for your Landing Pages. You can see how many views your Landing Pages have over the past thirty days. 

You can hover your mouse over the bar graph to see the actual unique views that came in to your Landing Page.

For more detailed Analytics, see the Actions heading below.

You can sort your Landing Pages by the most successful to the least successful or from least successful to most successful through clicking Page Analytics.

Landing Page Unique Views 

Unique Views counts each of your Landing Page’s unique views. The unique view is defined to be when a unique IP address visits your Landing Page. If a lead visits your Landing Page several times with the same IP address before opting-in, this will only be counted as one unique view.

You can sort your Landing Pages from least unique views to most unique views or most unique views to least unique views. All you need is to do is click Unique Views.  

Landing Page Leads

The Leads section displays the number of Leads that have opted-in through your Landing Pages.

You can sort your Landing Pages from most Leads to least Leads or from least Leads to most Leads by clicking Leads.

Landing Page Actions 

Actions allows you to more detailed analytics of, edit, copy, and delete your Landing Pages.

Click the icon to complete an action, referring below: 

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