For those who are very experienced in the marketplace, this is a pretty easy question. But, if you are brand-new, this is a question that you really need help with. Realizing that there are different things that people will opt-in as a Lead for is very important. They might want you to fix their listing, or create a listing, or they might have a question. Suppose that they need help fixing their listing.

For example, my Yelp has the wrong information. Could you help me with that? You will just need a username and password, which you can help with. Great companies to recommend are: 

  1. WL Marketing

Another one that people talk about is We do not recommend Yext because they use the word "scan" in the button, which suppresses the opt-in. With Yext, once you stop paying, you will no longer have access to your usernames and passwords.

You can also go to or, create an account, and put a job listing in. 

To keep money in your pocket, go to each one of these sites plus Google and create a username as well as a password that is unique for each company.