Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. How to Land Your First Customers

I. Introduction 

We’re so excited you chose to make Review Pops a part of your growth strategy! Here’s a quick step-by-step summary of how to land new customers quickly…

II. How to Land Your First Customers 

Step 1. Pick a Niche - One of the most important first steps is to pick a segment of the market - a niche, industry, or sector.  Not sure where to start?  No worries because you can start with your own network of family, friends, and businesses you frequent. It’s easier than you think! 

Here's a list of the most lucrative niches you can start with: 





-Auto Repair 




-Eye Care 


Step 2. Select a Prospecting or Marketing Strategy

Review pops is a great strategy to get you in front of new customers every week!  Start with a "free for 30 days" Review Pop giveaway.  Then move on to other upsells to scale up your sales opportunity pipeline. 

Step 3. Choose a Lead Magnet  - Get the attention of decision-makers every week with your Review Pops lead magnets! In Review Pops, the "30-day FREE Review Pop" is a great Lead Magnet that can be given away and used for selling Reputation Marketing Services.

Step 4. Make the "Trust Trigger" Sale - You build trust and authority with new customers when you under-promise and over-deliver.  By selling a review pop for $49/mo., you are making a "Trust Trigger" sale!  

Step 5. Upsell to Residual - When you deliver the “Trust Trigger” sale (in this case, the Review Pop), present your core residual offer for the Reputation Marketing package or Reputation Core offer that you can fulfill with Rep Kahuna.