Generate Leads For Your Business By Building Authority Instantly

1.      Start out with a great opening – engage your viewers – state the problem you are going to help them solve

2.      Illustrate the problem; give them examples of the problems they currently have and a reason they need your advice and help. 

3.      Always give them a strategy that they can easily place into action

4.      End on a very powerful call to action

Say  (In Your Mind) This As If News Anchor Asked You The Question:

1. How does a local business leverage the power of [Topic Your Market Wants To Learn] to get more customers?

2. What’s the biggest problem you see with how business owners approach [topic your market wants to learn]?


HOOK:  (Restate The Question In A Way That Grabs The Attention Of The Viewer. Choose 1 OF Examples Below:

I get asked a lot by [Prospect Target Market] how do you successfully get new clients with [topic your market wants to learn].


There are 3 secrets that most [Prospect Target Market] don't know about [topic your market wants to learn].


PROBLEM:  Created Authority By Calling Out The Specific Problem And Give An Insight On The Pain It Causes: 

The problem is that it's difficult for [Prospect Target Market] to know how to leverage their [topic your market wants to learn] to get more customers, [Expert Insight About The Problem]. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve got the right strategy.

ILLUSTRATE:  Bring the problem to life with a story that really brings home the pain or benefit of solving the problem.

Most [Prospect Target Market] could get a lot more success in getting more clients.  For example, there was a [Prospect Target Market] that literally followed some of the industry insider secrets on how to become successful at [topic your market wants to learn] and within a few days of implementing these secrets, they were shocked at how [3 Adjectives Describe Your Offer] it was to get success.

But for most  [topic your market wants to learn] can be intimidating. So I'd like to lay out a few easy secrets for anyone to start working with and get success with their [topic your market wants to learn]


TIP # 1 -

TIP #2  -

TIP #3  -


CALL TO ACTION:   You've Given Value,  If They Want More Info, Tell Them What To Do:

Our expertise is [topic your market wants to learn] and we focus on helping [Prospect Target Market] to make [topic your market wants to learn][3 Adjectives Describe Your Offer].

For those that want to learn more, they can go to [Agency Website] where they can learn how [topic your market wants to learn] can easily start getting them more clients.  Or they can call us at [Agency Phone]

For those that want to get success with [TOPIC] FAST, we have a PILOT program where we
give a business [FREE SERVICE] and cover all the costs and in return, we are just looking for case studies. So if someone would like to get [TOPIC], they can call us at [Phone].

We are happy to help because the market has shifted and it's important for [Prospect Target Market] to stay ahead of their competitors.