Watch this video walkthrough of how to create a Rep Video using an AI spokesmodel.

Step by Step:

1. Log into Rep Videos

Navigate to your Rep Videos account and click CREATE A VIDEO to add a new video


2. Select a business

Select a business for your new video or click "New Business" to add a new business for which you will create a new video.

Select a business

3. Click on  CREATE A VIDEO to continue

Click on  CREATE A VIDEO to continue

4. Select an AI Model for your video.

Set your "RepVideo Style" to Spokesmodel (doing so will cause the two options for the Live Model and the AI Model to pop up).  Then click "AI MODEL".

To choose an AI Model for your video Click on AI MODEL under Model Type

5. Read the warning and Click on  I UNDERSTAND

The warning will remind you that the use of Rep Videos with the AI models is strictly prohibited in paid traffic campaigns, video advertising, paid social promotions, etc.

See the warning and Click on  I UNDERSTAND

6. Next, select the desired AI Model for the Model Type

7. Click NEXT STEP


8. Update the Spokesmodel Script

Here you will be able to update the Spokesmodel script and play it to review.  Click "Pause" if you would like to pause the script playback.

Update the Spokesmodel  Script

9. Position the Spokesmodel

Select the model position from the Left, Right, and Center positions.

Decide where the Spokesmodel is going to be positioned

10. Once you selected the position, click NEXT STEP

Once you selected the position, click NEXT STEP

11. Select a review and add the AI VOICE OVER

Select a review on the next step and add the AI VOICE OVER

12. Review the Script

Once you've selected the AI Voiceover, preview the Reviewer's voice and adjust the script if necessary. You can also play the script to listen to it. You can select a different voice from the dropdown

Review the Script

13. Select a Different Voiceover

If you choose to replace a voiceover spokesmodel, you will be presented with a full gallery of voices in English, UK, Australian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German languages.

Select a Different Voiceover

14. Click NEXT STEP once finished

Click on NEXT STEP

16. Customize Model Closing Script

Update the closing script then preview by clicking Play Script.  

Preview or Pause the Script

15. Choose Layout Setup

Position the Model to the right, left, or center position.

17. Click on NEXT STEP

Click on NEXT STEP

18. Customize the Call To Action Script

Lastly, you will be able to update and preview the Call to Action script as well as the business's details.  

Update the Call To Action Script

19. Click FINISH

Click on FINISH

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