In this article, we will cover the Business Account and steps to update the business account settings. 

Updating a Business Account 

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Businesses.

Step 2. Select the business that you want to update.

Step 3. Click the Setup tab.

Step 4. Click Account to review and edit the business information.

Step 5. Review and update the Business Type.

There are two types of businesses: Local Business and Online Business

You can switch between local and online business if necessary. 

Note: The Local Business means that the business has a physical address and it can be listed. 

Online business means that the business is operating entirely on internet and doesn't have a phisycal location

Under Business account you will be able to review and update the Business Name, Busines Company, Phone number, Address, Website URL, Contact Name, Title, Contact Email, Contact Phone number. 

You can also upload the logo for the business and save the settings to be able to enable the branding options on the posts. 

Learn more about Logo Setup

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