In this article, we will cover the first step of the Demo Widget creation process that you'd be able to place on your website or your landing page to offer a preview of the Review Pop on the lead's website and explain the value of your proposition. 

NOTE: Learn More About Review Pops

To set up a Demo Widget follow these simple steps: 

Step 1 - Set up the Layout (this article)

Step 2 - Set up the Design

Step 3 - Set up Automation

Step 4 - Copy code to place on a website

Step 1 - Set up the Layout

Step 1

From the Agency Dashboard, Navigate to the Landing Pages in the Side Bar and Click Add New 

Step 2

Select Demo Widget from the dropdown

Step 3 

Name your widget

You will find the editor with the following options for editing: 

Layout Selector
Background Color Selector
Background Image Selector 
Label Color Selector
Button Color Selector

Optin Box Background Color selector

Step 4

Select your layout options

Step 5 

Choose between the Side-by-side and Stacked Options


Step 6 

Choose the color of your background

Step 7

Turn Off/On the Background image

Step 8

Select the Label Text Color

Click here

This color will determine the text of the labels on the form: 

Step 9

Choose the Button Color

Click here

Step 10

Choos the background for the Optin Box 

Step 11

Drag the Opacity selector to choose the desired transparency of the Optin box and click Save

Step 12

Click Next Step once done

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