In this article we will talk about the ways you can create the user account for your client with various permissions set up to allow your clients to see the Posting Schedule, the Posted Logs, the Offer Dashboards, Leads or Reports.

Setting up a Business User 

Step 1. Select a business from your list of active businesses.

Step 2. Click the Setup tab.

Step 3. Click User Setup.

Step 4. Click the Add New User button.

Note: You can only add a maximum of five users.

Step 5. Type in the details of the new user then decide on permissions. 

The client can access:

Step 6. Once you selected permissions for the user, click Save User.

Once the user is saved you will be able to see all the users in the user dashboard: 

On the Dashboard you will find the details for: 

Note: To check the client account, click Autologin button (it will automatically copy the link), open an Incognito window , paste the link and you will see the client dashboard immediately. It's a great idea to show the client dashboard in your content presentation and ask for feedback right on the call. 

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