When you log in to your Bright Social account for the first time, you will be asked to set up your Agency details. There are four parts that you will need to go through, and we strongly advise you to complete all of them, including all necessary fields that need to be filled up and sections that must be set up.

If you did not complete your Account Wizard, log in again to your BrightSocial Account, and your wizard will show up. Until you are not done setting up your Account Wizard, you will be going back to the parts that you did not finish. 

If you need to edit your account, you can go to Settings and click the section that you want to edit. Do not forget to click Save to apply the changes you have just made.

Setting up Your Agency

Step One 1: Fill Out Your Agency Details

Complete all the necessary fields on the Agency and Contact Information. Remember that areas with a red asterisk are mandatory. 

Step 2: Update the Notifications Settings

Set up your Email and Mobile Phone for your notifications. Whenever there is a new  lead from your landing pages, we will send you a notification to your email or your email so you can follow up with the lead immediately. It's proven that it's most benefitial to follow up within the 15 minutes of the lead coming through. 

Step 3: Update Your Agency Branding

This section is where you will set up your Branding. That branding will be visible on all the landing pages you would create. 

If you have a logo, you will be able to easily upload it on the right hand side of the header. You can also upload a image you want to showcase on the header or type up your Agency name or any other important information that you would like to be showing on top of the landing pages. 

Last but not least you will be able to change your Branding Color to match with your logo color schemes. 

Step 4: Update Your Custom Sub-Domain

The Domain is the last part of your Agency Setup where you can set up your Personalized Subdomain where all of the landing pages will be hosted. Click Finish to finalize all the details that you have made.

Note: Once the Subdomain is set, you won't be able to change it. However, you can always use the White Lable settings to mask the default subdomain with your own domain details. 

To use your Branded URL, you can go to Settings > White Label after this wizard. 

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