In this article, we will cover the details on how to setup the Business notifications including the notifications for your clients as well for the agency regarding the business posting activity.

Setting up Business Notifications 

You can easily set up notifications for your clients so you can send them the updates about the scheduled post and get their approvals in time for the next schedule. 

To enable the notifications, follow the steps below:

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Businesses.

Step 2: Select the business that you want to set up.

Step 3. Navigate to the Setup tab and click Notifications.

Step 4. Set up the lead alerts for your clients. 

Whenever there is a new lead from the Offer Campaigns in the account, the clients would be able to review them. To send emails, enable the Email Notifications.

Step 5. Type in the email address of the recipients and click the plus icon.

Step 6. Enable the SMS Notifications if you want to send SMS.

Note: It's important to have Twilio account connected to be able to send the SMS alerts.

Step 7. Type in the phone number and click the plus icon.

Step 8: Set up the frequency on how often you wish to send these notifications.

Step 9. Click Save.

Scheduling Notifications 

To enable the schedule notifications, follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Navigate to the Schedule tab.

Step 2. Set up Approval Schedule.

If you want your clients to receive notifications about the content ready for approvals, you wish to enable this feature. 

Once this is enabled, we are going to send them the sequence of emails, letting them know that they need to pay attention to the post that happened and added to their dashboard. They need to send their approvals or rejections to know that some of the posts need an update and cannot be scheduled. 

Step 3. Set up the Content Approval Deadline.

If you have automatically scheduled all the posts that are added to the system on the first of the month, you can add the approval deadline. 

In this example, we have added five days before the first of the month. We are sending email sequences before the deadline, so you have enough time for you to update the posts that were rejected and make sure everything that got approved is scheduled.

Step 4. Update Client Approval Reminders.

These are emails that will go out before the deadline.

Step 5. Set up Agency: Send Approval Reminders.

In this part, the agency will receive the emails as well. You can get three notifications:

Once updated, save your settings.

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