This article will walk you through on how you can set up the Agency and Client Notifications in Social Covers. Using the Notification Panel, we will set up both Agency Automation Alerts and Client Notification. We will also cover Lead Alerts, what they are, and where you can use them.

Agency Automation Alerts

Agency Automation Alerts allows you to set up when your agency receives notifications about completed Cover Automations. This alert includes the links and media for that business that got updated and also gives you a reminder for Google+ and LinkedIn - as they are not currently connected, and you are unable to schedule Social Cover Automation for these two sites. 

This alert can be utilized as a reminder that you should update your cover manually for those accounts for that client. The reminder will go 24 hours after the automation happens.

Here are the steps on how you can set up the Agency Automation Alerts:

Step 1. From the upper right-hand corner of your page, click Settings.

Step 2. Go to Notifications.

Step 3. Click the Agency Automation Alerts tab.

Step 4. Enter your Email Address and Mobile Number to where the notifications will be sent. 

Step 5. Select the day(s) and time on when you want to receive the notifications.  

Step 6. Once you are done, click Save.

Client Notification

The Client Notification tab lets you set up your templates for both types of notification emails: the Before Automation Template and After Automation Template.

Both emails cannot be sent out to your clients. You have to choose one template only for each automation.

Step 1. First, decide which template you want to use. 

Step 2. Once you have selected a template, you can edit the Email Subject and Body.

Step 3. Add tokens, add the links for their Social Media pages, for them to directly click the link, and check the updates you have done for their accounts. 

Step 4. Once you are fully satisfied with your email content, click Save.

Lead Alerts

Lead Alerts are similar to getting notifications for the agency, except that it is designed to send alerts for every lead that you are getting.

Lead Alerts is already built-in and, if you are working with Social Covers, these will be sent right to your email inbox. With the new update, you will have control over how and when you will receive them.

To set up your Lead Alerts, type your Email and Mobile Number and set the schedule when you want to receive your alerts. You have the option to use either email or mobile only.

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