This article we will talk about steps to create Lead gen campaigns to reach out to Warm leads and get quick turn arounds, build your confidence and refine your sales prices. 

Once you compiled the list of qualified leads, refer to the Lead Gen Campaign Module to reach out to them with your proposition. 

Setting Up Lead Gen Campaigns

Follow these steps to initiate exclusive "one-business-at-a-time" campaign sequence: 

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Leadgen Campaigns.

Step 2. Set up Settings for Notifications. It's important to follow up with every lead that opened the email or clicked the link in your emails as soon as possible. 

Add your best email and phone number so we can reach you immediately and give you an opportunity to follow up with the lead within 15 minutes of them opening the email. 

Step 3. Once you are done setting up your notifications, click Create Lead Gen Campaign.

Step 4. Enter the business details. When you enter the name of the business, we will pull all the rest of the details, including the email of the business owner. 

Step 5. In a rare occasion that the email is not available,  refer to the "No Email? Click Here" Gatekeeper Script to collect the email. Pick up the phone, call the business and read the Gatekeeper script word-for-word. 

Step 6. Research the Facebook Business page link to collect the data about the social media page performance for the past 30 days. Then click Next.

Step 7. Customize your email templates by selecting the type of relationship between you and the business, the Niche, and the Customer Type.

Note: If you chose "I've been a Customer" or "Someone I know has been a customer," enter your review or endorsement to share your experience with the business.

Step 8. Customize the emails in the 5 Day Fire Sale Sequence. 

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