In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step process of creating a multi-post in Bright social or in other words, adding multiple posts to a business schedule at once. 

BrightSocial makes it easy to schedule multiple posts, so you can upload a large number of posts and schedule them for your clients. 

Scheduling Multiple Post

Complete the following steps to schedule multiple posts:

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Multi Post.

Step 2. Search for and select a business or group.

Step 3. Once you are done, click Next Step.

Step 4. Click the Post Package tab and click the Select Package field to choose a package from the dropdown.

Step 5. To upload your package, click the Upload button.

Note: See the provided templates for formatting requirements. Once downloaded, update the spreadsheet using your own data.

Step 6. Once you are done, click Next Step.

Step 7. This step will only be presented if you selected to upload a csv file  with  Verify that the Map Fields are correct. If that is the case, click Next Step. 

Step 8. Preview your posts located on the left-hand side.

You will be able to Preview the posts across multiple platforms:

Lastly, you will be able to review and adjust your configurations on the right-hand side, and schedule all of your posts:

Configuration Options for Scheduling the Post

When clicking the Edit Post  Button you will see the pop up where you can edit the post, update the image, and customize the message:

Schedule Options

Here are the Schedule Options that you can use:

Step 9. Once you made adjustments to your configurations, click Schedule All Posts. These posts will queue up in the Business Schedule.

Finding and Reviewing the Posts on the Schedule

To review the schedule once the posts are set up through multi-post, follow this simple tutorial: 

Step 1. Click Businesses and select a business.

Step 2. Select a business from the list of active businesses.

Step 3. Navigate to Content Schedule 

Step 4. Click Agenda and verify that the posts that you just scheduled are present on the agenda.

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