When setting up your Agency profile, it is necessary to set up your Twilio SMS (Short Message Service)service to be able to receive text messages and calls from Rep Kahuna

Twilio service is a third party software that should be integrated into Rep Kahuna to use its cloud service for calls and text messaging. 

If you want to learn more about how you can setup Twilio for your SMS notifications in Rep Kahuna, read this article.

*This process will be a one-time setup only and it will be saved on your Agency Profile. Once you create another company, you do not have to fill out your Twilio Account information again. We will auto-populate this based on the account you have set up on your Agency Profile.

**Make sure to input all the correct details of your Twilio Account here to make sure that your Twilio account will be successfully integrated into our system. If your Twilio still does not work after performing all the steps in this tutorial, you can contact our support team in this address: support@strategicmarketeer.com

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