This article demonstrates step-by-step how to integrate Local Analyzer with iContact.


How to Get Your iContact Application ID

Before you integrate Local Analyzer with iContact, you must get your iContact application ID first. Complete the following steps to get your iContact application ID:

  1. Click the small arrow icon () under your iContact username and Settings and Billing.
  2. Scroll down the page. In the Integrations tile, click API.
  3. Click the Add Application button.
  4. Type your API application name and your password. Click the Add Application button. 

  5. See your newly generated application ID. 

How to Integrate Local Analyzer with iContact

Complete the following steps to integrate Local Analyzer with iContact:

  1. From the Main Dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Click Integrations and Add New Integration.
  3. Select iContact as the integration type and name your integration.
  4. Paste the iContact App ID. Type your iContact username and password. Click Create Integration. Check your integrations list to see if you have successfully added your new iContact integration.