In this article, we will show you how you can quickly and effectively install a Firefox plugin that would help to add new posts to packages and add posts to schedule within seconds.

Installing BrightSocial Plugin in Firefox

To install BrightSocial Plugin in your Firefox browser, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Bright Social in Firefox.

Step 2. On the upper right-hand corner of your page, click Settings.

Step 3. Click Install Browser Plugin.

Step 4. Click the Install Plugin button.

Step 5. Allow the plugin installation 

Step 6. Add Permissions to Add Bright Social to Firefox.

Step 7. Click the plugin and type in your BrightSocial account details.

Step 8. Select an Option for Posting:

Step 9. Type your post from the popup.

Step 10. Once you are done with your content, select the Social Media on which you want to share your post.

Step 11. Select the different actions from the Schedule Post drop-down list. 

In this example, we are going to add this to our queue. 

Step 12. You will be getting this prompt once you have successfully scheduled a post.

Step 13. If you log in back your BrightSocial account, you can see that the post you have added using the plugin is included in your Posting Schedule.

Adding a Post to a Package

Step 1. Select a Package.

Step 2. Click Add to Package. 

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