If you need personalized assistance, we have multiple ways to provide it for you. 

1. Our support team is ready to take care of your inquiries from 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday.  To open a ticket for our support team, please email support@strategicmarketer.com.

2. We also offer VIP support to our Reputation Inner Circle Members.  Additionally, Inner Circle Members get access to Advanced Training, Monthly Bonuses, and Peer Support through the exclusive Facebook Group for our Reputation Marketers! 

To access the Reputation PowerPack, visit:  www.strategicmarketer.com/ReputationIC

3.  You can also request personalized 1-1 help, which is especially helpful if you have a VA or a sales representative that you would like to train.  From technical support to done-for-you Rep Videos Strategy and Analysis sessions, all of that can be acquired through our Paid Support option. 

The cost for these sessions is $75 for 30 minutes.  There is no limit to the number of training sessions you can purchase and claim to train.  This is a great way to train yourself and your team in order to ramp up your sales.

To purchase Paid Support session go to: 


4.  We invite you to submit your questions to our Friday Live Questionnaire: 


We hold regular training at 1 PM EST every Friday.  During this time, our product coaches and staff answer your question live 

To register for the training go to: 


Replays of previous Friday Live sessions are available for your review on your members home page.