In this article we will describe the ways to get help and support from our team. 


Getting 1-1 Help 

Can I ask for 1-1 Help from Support? 

If you need personalized help, we have multiple ways to provide it for you. 


1. We have a support team on staff ready to take care of your inquiries from 9AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday. To open a ticket for our support team, please email to 


2. We also offer VIP Concierge 24/7 support to our Social Inner Circle Member. Not only that, but our Inner circle Members get access to Advanced Training, Monthly Bonuses, and Peer Support through the Facebook Group for our Social Marketers! 


To become a member of the Reputation Inner Circle go to:



3. You can also ask for personalized 1-1 help, especially if you have a VA or a sales representative that you would like to train. From technical support to Done-for-you Social Media Marketing and Analysis sessions, all of that can be acquired through our Paid Support option. 


It will be $75 for 30 minutes and can have as many training sessions as needed and train you on the best way to ramp up your sales.


To access Paid Support go to:



4. Last but not least, support, we invite you to submit your questions to our Friday Live Questionnaire:


We hold regular training at 1 PM EST every Friday and will answer your question with a personalized presentation that would be available for the community. 


To register for the training go to: 


The previous recordings of Friday Live will be found on your member's home page at


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