In this article we will talk about how to follow the steps in your sales process.

Following the Sales Process 

Here are the steps to follow for the Sales Process: 

Step 1: Review the Quickstart to Expose training

Step 2: Follow the Process Map:

Step 3: Study and Follow the Trust Trigger Method

Trust Trigger Method Overview

Customers are more likely to spend a lot more money and spend a lot faster with you when they… TRUST YOU.

The Trust Trigger is a low-end offer that OVER DELIVERS in value in order to help build enough trust and authority that you can easily sell your “Core Offer” with little to no objections.

Your Trust Trigger can be as low as $20 and as high as $500. Trust Triggers are effective when they are sold at 80%+ of their value. The goal is to get your prospect to spend money in the 1st interaction with you and to trigger the trust needed to buy your more expensive core offer almost immediately.

Step 1: Foot In The Door Strategy - Lead Magnet Give Away

As the first step, you will give a free Expose video. Once you get the lead to agree to meet with you and review their Export Interview, you will move to the next step in the process, which is the Pre-Production Meeting. 

Pre-Production Meeting

Before you give the content away, you would need to set up an appointment and record the interview for the Expose. At the Pre-Production meeting, you will discuss syndication upgrade to post the video to various Social Media channels, to the Website of the client, uploading it to the video channels which will make your trust trigger a sale. It's recommended to sell that upgrade for $297. 

Technical Sign Off

Then once they agreed to the syndication of that package, you can then set up a Technical Sign Off meeting and talk to them about monthly Video creation with syndication set up for a comprehensive Video marketing strategy and residual set up. 

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