In this article, we will talk about strategies and steps to find qualified leads for your Bright Social Services. 

Finding Qualified Leads 

Step 1. Review 4 Strategies to Finding the Hot Leads

4 Strategies for Finding the Hot Leads

Step 2. Check out corresponding Email Scripts and Voice Scripts for the best turn around. 

Step 3. Reach out to leads online using Social Media Secret Message. 

Copy And Paste This Into Your FB, A Group Or Any Other Social network and Include An Eye-Catching Photo:

I Need Help. We just opened our "Video Marketing" division for 2 NEW Industries (Industry 1 & Industry 2). To celebrate I'm giving away 5 Custom Social Media Marketing PACKAGES and I'm covering ALL the creation costs (RETAIL $1,500).

COMMENT BELOW: "I'm interested," and I'll save a spot for you or type the person name of someone you think would be interested that's in that industry.

Secret Message Comment Responses: 

Use these scripts to respond to interested leads and book them with the call to review their Expose. 


1st Private Response: Thanks for commenting on my post about opening our "Video Division" to the (Industry 1) and (industry 2) industries. Were you referring to a business you know in these industries, or were you interested in yourself?

Interested Myself Response: What industry are you in? What's your website address?

Interested Myself Response #2: We're perfecting leads from social media, and that's why we are focused on only a few industries, but I'd like to help you. If you would like me to show you how we are turning social media posts into lead generation posts?. I can show you what we are doing and how you can do the same with your social media. Sound good?

Interested Myself Response #3: Great let’s set up a time on [Day] at [time 1] or [Day] at [time 2]

Interested Myself Response #4: I'll message you on Facebook then, and we can do an online meeting so I can show you my screen.

Interested Myself Response #5: In the meantime, we are still looking for a [industry 1] and [industry 2]. Would you mind referring to the one you've worked with, and we'd love to follow up to give them our free social media package?

More details for the Sales Strategy are found in our Quickstart: HERE

Your Step By Step Map to Success:

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