In this article, we will go over Editing and Scheduling Posts in the Content Designer. 

Editing and Scheduling Posts in the Content Designer 

Once you have sourced content for Post Packages, you can edit and schedule Post Packages. 

Complete the following steps to edit and schedule Post Packages in Content Designer:

Step 1. Navigate to the Content Designer from the main dashboard.

Step 2. Find the Content Package Library tab.

Step 3. Select the Package you created.

There are some actions you can perform: 

Step 4. Preview your content in the package.

By clicking on each post, you will be able to preview it on various social media channels.

Step 5. Click the Edit Post tab to edit the post.

Step 6. Review and Edit the Post. 

Update the image: 

Add Tokens and save your settings: 

Step 7. Once you reviewed or updated all the posts in your package, you can send the package straight to the Multi-post to schedule the package in the business of your choice. 

Step 8. Follow the steps in the tutorial to Schedule the Multi-post.

Downloading and Importing a Content Package

Step 1. Click the Export/Import drop-down and select Export to CSV.

Step 2. You can also download the content as an XLS File.

Step 3. To add content to the package, you will need a CSV file.

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