In this article, we will talk about the options of editing a Scheduled post.

Editing a Scheduled Post

Step 1. Select a business from the list of active businesses.

Step 2. Click the Content Schedule tab.

Step 3. Select the action next to the post of your choice:

Let's review each of those options individually:

Updating the Scheduled Time of the Post

Step 1. When you need to change the scheduled time for the post, click on the Reschedule Post icon.


Step 2. Update the time and date.

Step 3: If the post time will be outside of your autoschedule choose to Approve Posting Outside the Schedule.

Step 4: You can also select Add to Queue for your post.

Step 5. You can also post the content immediately by selecting Post Now option.

Pausing the Post From Being Posted

By clicking the Pause button, you will be able to stop the posting temporarily. Click Yes! Pause to pause the post.

To restart the post again, click the Play Button.

Click Yes! Restart to re-add the post back to the queue.

Previewing the Post

You could preview the post across multiple social channels.

You can also edit the post by clicking the Edit button.

Editing the Posts

To Edit the post, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Edit Post icon.

Step 2. Update the message.

Step 3. Update the image.

Step 4. Update the social media channels.

Step 5. Update the logo position and type.

Step 6. Update the Scheduled Time.

Step 7. Add Tokens to customize and personalize the post.

Deleting Post 

To delete the post, push the Delete icon and the post will be removed from the schedule.

 Note: Once the post is removed, it cannot be reset.

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