Sometimes, it is necessary to update the language, offer, or video on the Lead Funnel Wizard. This wizard guides your leads through the process after they opt-in on the landing page you created. It is easy to have control of every single detail of the wizard. 

To edit your Leads Funnel Wizard, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the main dashboard, click Landing Pages

Step 2. Click the Edit Page icon on the landing page that you want to setup.

Step 3. Click the Funnel Details tab.

Step 4. Click Edit Funnel.

Step 5. Change the details of your wizard using the Wizard Controls. You can edit the Instruction Text, set the default fields, and update the wizard's Explainer Video. 

Step 6. If you want to hide a control, click the eye icon. 

Step 7. Click Next to proceed to the next section.

Step 8. Start editing the design of your wizard by typing in your new Instruction Text.

Step 9. To change your Explainer Video, hover your mouse on the video and click the Update button.

Step 10. You can use other videos in the Video Gallery or use your video by clicking the Add Video button.

Step 11. Paste the Vimeo or YouTube link of your video and click Save. Once the you saved your video, click the Select button.

Step 12. You can also select the Model Accent that you want to use if you want to change the default one. Once you are done, click Next

Step 13. On the Confirmation Wizard Step, you have the option to use the built-in Confirmation Page or your Confirmation Page. If you want to send leads to your page, select Redirect and paste its URL address.

Step 14. Use the different element controls to edit your Confirmation Page.

Step 15. Click Preview to be able to view your actual pages before finalizing them. Click Save to finalize your page.

Step 16. Once you are done, click Finish.

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